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Motorbike & Scooter rentals in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Hire Scooter or Motorbikes in Saigon

Motorbike rentals for expats living in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

We offer a wide variety of motorbikes for short and long term rentals. All our rentals include ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support. We believe that renting or owning a motorbike in Saigon is the best, stress-free and convenient way of getting around. At Phu Scooters, we do our best to facilitate this option to all of you — our amazing clients.

Here is what we will do for you:

  • Free maintenance and 24/7 support throughout the rental period
  • Online bookings in advance available
  • Flexible monthly contracts, free cancellations
  • Our motorbikes are also for sale for those of you who decide to own their motorbike
  • Rent to own contracts available on negotiation
  • We offer 3 days return policy and up to 1 month warranties on all motorbike sales
  • Flexibility to change motorbikes at any time
  • Home-delivery and emergency repairs

We offer reliable, fast and affordable motorbike rentals in Saigon. Call Phu and get your motorbike Today.

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Our Team

Meet Nhi, Son and Phu

All our staff members at Phu Scooter’s are friendly, responsive and super fast in helping our clients whenever they need it. “Mr. Phu only works with the best” says Martin, the happy client of his, who has been using Phu Scooter’s motorbikes for over 5 years now. “These guys seems to be so happy to help and always put their customers’ comfort first”.

At Phu Scooters we understand that most expats seek the piece of mind when living in the big and busy city such as Saigon (HCMC). Knowing that there is someone who will take care of them when something unexpected happens is comforting feeling worth of gold.

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Our Motorbikes

Good bike, good life

Affordable motorbike is worth its money only if it performs reliably

At Phu Scooters we only offer carefully selected models of motorbikes that has proven to perform reliably in Vietnamese weather and traffic conditions. We understand that affordable motorbike is only worth the money if it also performs reliably. Therefore, we work hard to keep all our motorbikes and scooters in perfect working condition.

A safe, reliable and easy to ride motorbikes for those who seek peace of mind

All our motorbikes come with free maintenance and 24/7 support throughout the rental period. In other words, we provide home-delivery, emergency repair, bike replacement, and regular maintenance at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

In addition, all our motorbikes are super easy to ride with an automatic (or semi-automatic) transmission and well balanced center of gravity. We only use Japanese motobirkes with good reputation, such as Honda PCX, Honda Lead (with a big trunk), Honda AirBlade, Honda Vision, Honda Click, Yamaha Mio and the famous Yamaha Nuovo.

For those who seek a cheaper and more Vietnamese-style driving experience we also offer a range of semi-automatic motorbikes such as Honda Wave.

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Rent or Buy

Freedom and flexibility to change your motorbike

Not sure which model is the best for you? Do you want to try different models to experience the difference and see which model suits you best? At Phu Scooter’s, we offer the freedom and flexibility to change your motorbikes at any time. Your satisfaction is our priority. Call Phu for more information.

Do you want to own your motorbike?

Our monthly rentals can be easily turned into outright purchases for those who decide that they want to own their own motorbike.

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